31-3 Dermatology of the Foot: Hyperhidrosis and Psoriasis



Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to once again serve as a Guest Editor for Foot and Ankle Quarterly. This Fall 2020 issue focuses on dermatology, specifically plantar hyperhidrosis and plantar psoriasis, and the articles, lectures and commentaries will provide you with a detailed review of basic knowledge, diagnosis and management of these two clinical entities.

Plantar psoriasis is a topic which all podiatric physicians should be familiar with, due to its significant effect on a patient’s quality of life. This issue will delve into the latest treatments, from topical to systemic. Many of our patients also suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis, and I hope that in these pages the reader will discover new treatment options beyond topical therapy.

The condensations and commentaries in this issue will offer up-to-date, peer-reviewed information on the nuances of both of these unique conditions, ranging from biologic therapy for nail psoriasis to the details of pitted keratolysis presentations. A number of other treatments are explored in the commentaries including iontophoresis, adalimumab and lumbar sympathectomy.

I hope that this issue assists you in your clinical practice, and as always it is a pleasure to play a part in your continued education in podiatric dermatology.

Tracey C. Vlahovic, DPM



In This Issue:

  • FEATURE ARTICLE: A Review of Diagnosis and Management of Plantar Hyperhidrosis and Plantar Psoriasis
    Tracey C. Vlahovic, DPM
    • Iontophoresis for Palmar and Plantar Hyperhidrosis
      Commentary by Elena K. Wellens, DPM
    • A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis to Evaluate the Efficacy of Lumbar Sympathectomy for Plantar Hyperhidrosis
      Commentary by Keith C. Fleischman, DPM
    • The Etiology, Diagnosis, and Management of Hyperhidrosis: A Comprehensive Review: Etiology and Clinical Work-Up
      Commentary by M. Adam Saleh, DPM
    • Sweaty Feet in Adolescents-Early Use of Botulinum Type A Toxin in Juvenile Plantar Hyperhidrosis
      Commentary by Sara Karamloo, DPM
    • Pitted Keratolysis: A Study of Various Clinical Manifestations
      Commentary by Keval Parikh, DPM
    • Plantar Hyperhidrosis: An Overview
      Commentary by Dusty R. Haverly, DPM
    • Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Inflammatory Skin Conditions of the Lower Extremity
      Commentary by Sydney K. Yau, DPM
    • Adalimumab for Nail Psoriasis: Efficacy and Safety from the First 26 Weeks of a Phase 3, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial
      Commentary by Priscilla Z. Howie, DPM and Sara M. Bouraee, DPM
    • Prevalence of Psoriasis Phenotypes among Men and Women in the USA
      Commentary by Ashka Trivedi, DPM
    • A Study of the Histopathology of Palmo-Plantar Psoriasis and Hyperkeratotic Palmo-Plantar Dermatitis
      Commentary by Dia D. McCaughan, DPM
    • Subclinical Enthesopathy in Patients with Psoriasis and its Association with Other Disease Parameters: A Power Doppler Ultrasonographic Study
      Commentary by Marija Ugrinich, DPM
    • Plantar Forefoot Pressures in Psoriatic Arthritis-Related Dactylitis: An Exploratory Study
      Commentary by Joshua A. Sebag, DPM
    • Safety and Efficacy of Adalimumab in the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Palmo-Plantar Psoriasis: An Open Label Study
      Commentary by Ashka Trivedi, DPM
  • AUDIO LECTURE 1: Plantar Hyperhidrosis: Diagnosis and Management
    Tracey C. Vlahovic, DPM
  • AUDIO LECTURE 2: Plantar Psoriasis: Diagnosis and Management
    Tracey C. Vlahovic, DPM