32-3 Soft Tissue Tumors


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This issue of Foot and Ankle Quarterly highlights soft tissue mass tumors of the lower extremity.

As podiatric surgeons, we encounter these pathologies in our practices, work them up, and determine treatment plans that optimize patient care. After a thorough history and physical, we incorporate biopsies, advanced imaging modalities, and multidisciplinary consultations to obtain the diagnosis and, ultimately, a cure.

The World Health Organization (WHO) published its fifth edition of the WHO Classification of Tumors of Soft Tissue and Bone in 2020, organizing these tumors based on their line of differentiation. In this issue, my colleague Dr. William Harris, IV and I will present two audio lectures based on this system of histological classifications. We will discuss benign and malignant soft tissue masses, including a review of the literature, our experiences, and algorithms to aide in treatment. This edition’s Feature Article from Dr. Kittra Owens expertly addresses the tumors that we encounter most frequently in the lower extremity.

My colleagues and collaborators from the Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania were instrumental in providing commentaries on timely articles, which are supported by their extensive knowledge on the issues and their commitment to patient care. Each of their commentaries emphasize performing a thorough work-up that utilizes advanced medical imaging.

In addition to supporting that guidance, I urge all of us to develop relationships with multidisciplinary specialists, especially surgical oncologists and musculoskeletal radiologists, who are indispensable members of our treatment teams.

Marija Ugrinich, DPM