32-4 Amputation Techniques

EDITORIAL » In This Issue: FEATURE ARTICLE: Amputation Techniques for Foot Osteomyelitis Nichol L. Salvo, DPM CONDENSATIONS and COMMENTARIES Transmetatarsal and Minor Amputation vs. Major Leg Amputation: 30-Day Re-admissions, Re-amputations, and Complications Commentary by Sarah Cernica Reichard, DPM What is the Most Durable Construct for a Forefoot Amputation, Traditional Transmetatarsal Amputation or a Medial Ray-Sparing … Read more

32-3 Soft Tissue Tumors

Editorial » In This Issue: FEATURE ARTICLE: Common Benign Soft Tissue Mass Affecting the Foot and Ankle Kittra Owens, DPM CONDENSATIONS and COMMENTARIES Management of Primary Malignant Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors of Foot and Ankle: Is it Worth Salvaging? Commentary by Jacob Wynes, DPM Schwannoma of Foot and Ankle: Seven Case Reports and Literature … Read more

32-2 Cutaneous Lesions

Editorial   In This Issue: FEATURE ARTICLE: In the Hunt for Ectodermal Dysplasia: A Review Article Marc A. Brenner, DPM and Albert Raminfard, DO CONDENSATIONS and COMMENTARIES Pernio-Like Skin Lesions Associated with COVID-19: A Case Series of 318 Patients from Eight Countries Commentary by Michael S. Nirenberg, DPM Sole-Searing Pain: Classic Kaposi’s Sarcoma Commentary by … Read more

32-1 Pediatrics

Editorial In This Issue FEATURE ARTICLE: Calcaneonavicular Tarsal Coalitions: Age-Related Difficulties in Imaging and Newer Concepts in Management Edwin J. Harris, DPM CONDENSATIONS and COMMENTARIES An Anatomic and Radiographic Study of the Distal Tibial Epiphysis Commentary by Daniel P. Evans, DPM Low Energy Lateral Ankle Injuries in Pediatric and Adolescent Patients: A Systematic Review of … Read more