33-4 Trauma of the Foot and Ankle


In this Issue:

  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Tricks of the Trade: Pearls from 18 Years Working at Two Level 1 Trauma Centers
    Jason A. Piraino, DPM, MS, FACFAS
    • Outcomes following Severe Distal Tibial, Ankle and/or Mid/Hindfoot Trauma: Comparison of Limb Salvage and Transtibial Amputation (OUTLET)
      Commentary by Lindsay Wynn, DPM
    • Population-Based Incidence and Epidemiology of 5,912 Foot Fractures
      Commentary by Firas Katmeh, DPM, MSH
    • The Main Cause of Unsatisfactory Outcomes of Treatment for Foot Injuries
      Commentary by Joseph Coté, DPM
    • Gunshot Wounds to the Foot and Ankle: Review of Cases from a Level 1 Trauma Center
      Commentary by Jennifer So, DPM
    • Operative Treatment of Acute Shaft and Neck Lesser Metatarsal Fractures: A Systematic Review of the Literature
      Commentary by Jacqueline Lucke, DPM
    • Functional Outcome of 103 Fractures of the Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Bone
      Commentary by Garrett Biela, DPM
    • Lisfranc Injuries: Fix or Fuse?
      Commentary by Isaac Wilmot, DPM
    • Calcaneal Fracture Fixation Using a New Interlocking Nail Reduces Complications Compared to Standard Locking Plates: Preliminary Results after 1.6 Years
      Commentary by Alexsandra Szajna, DPM
    • Supination Adduction Ankle Fractures are Associated with Arthritis and Poor Outcomes
      Commentary by Michael Radcliffe, DPM
    • Does Functional Outcome Depend on the Quality of the Fracture Fixation? Mid to Long-Term Outcomes of Ankle Fractures at Two University Teaching Hospitals
      Commentary by Firas Katmeh, DPM, MSH
  • AUDIO LECTURE 1: Application of External Fixation in the Setting of Gunshot Injuries to the Foot
    John S. Anderson, DPM, FACFAS
  • AUDIO LECTURE 2: Crush Injuries and the Management of Skin and Soft Tissues
    Teddy M. Musselman, DPM, FACFAS



It is with great pleasure that I serve as Guest Editor for this issue of Foot and Ankle Quarterly devoted to “Trauma of the Foot and Ankle.” The basic core principles of foot and ankle trauma management have stood the test of time. However, in recent years a massive volume of information has been published such that it is difficult to stay current on this challenging subspecialty of foot and ankle surgery. Therefore, the intent of this issue is to provide up-to-date information and review of pertinent literature on traumatic injuries of the foot and ankle from a level 1 trauma center of excellence. Accordingly, the Feature Article covers the use of advanced tips and tricks on foot and ankle trauma, which are useful for routine injuries as well as complex patients with particularly challenging or high-risk situations. A series of commentaries focusing on metatarsal, tarsal-metatarsal, midfoot, hindfoot and ankle injuries follows. We conclude with Audio Lectures detailing updates on two important topics relating to foot and ankle trauma – gunshot and crush injuries.

It is my hope that the readers of this issue will find it enjoyable to review, and will benefit from the surgical experience of this team of authors as much as I have.

Thomas S. Roukis, DPM, PhD, FACFAS