34-3 Surgical Pearls from the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute



It is with great pleasure that I serve as Guest Editor for this issue of Foot and Ankle Quarterly, devoted to Surgical Pearls from the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute. Most if not all of the procedures developed, refined and taught by Drs. Lowell Scott Weil, Sr. and Lowell Weil, Jr., as well as their myriad students, residents, and fellows have stood the test of time. The procedures born within the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute (WFAI) have been universally adopted by national and international foot and ankle surgeons of every physician and surgeon degree.

One of the most endearing qualities of Drs. Weil, Sr. and Weil, Jr. is that they have never been afraid to recommend against certain procedures if they believed wide adoption would harm patients. This is exceedingly rare in any surgical specialty. Therefore, the intent of this seminar issue is to provide review of pertinent literature specific to WFAI procedures including the good, bad and ugly. Accordingly, the feature article covers the use of advanced tips and tricks pertinent to complex forefoot surgery. A series of seminal manuscripts published by members of WFAI follows, and we conclude with audio lectures detailing “in-the-trenches” pearls on managing hallux varus, as well as the mastery of the Weil central metatarsal osteotomy.

My hope is that the readers of this issue of FAQ will enjoy this seminar, and benefit from the surgical experience of the authors and manuscripts selected as much as I have.

Thomas S. Roukis, DPM, PhD, FACFAS



In this issue:

  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Weil Osteotomy and Plantar Plate Repair: Honoring Dr. Lowell Scott Weil, Sr.’s Greatest Surgical Legacy – His Innovation
    Lowell Weil, Jr., DPM, FACFAS and Kristina Corley, DPM
    • Total First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Implant Arthroplasty: A 30-Year Retrospective
      Commentary by Mark K. Magnus, DPM, FACFAS
    • Percutaneous Chevron/Akin vs. Open Scarf/Akin Osteotomy Treatment for Hallux Valgus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
      Commentary by Jeffrey Baker, DPM
    • Unilateral vs. Bilateral First Ray Surgery: A Prospective Study of 186 Consecutive Cases. Patient Satisfaction, Cost to Society and Complications
      Commentary by Jennifer So, DPM
    • Predicting Articular Erosion in Hallux Valgus: Clinical, Radiographic and Intra-Operative Analysis
      Commentary by Michael Radcliffe, DPM
    • Do Patient Personality Traits and Self-Reported Physical and Psychosocial Symptoms Help to Predict Hallux Valgus Surgery Outcomes?
      Commentary by Firas Katmeh, DPM, MSH
    • Joint Manipulation under Anesthesia for Arthrofibrosis after Hallux Valgus Surgery
      Commentary by Isaac Wilmot, DPM
    • Association between Second Metatarsal Length and Forefoot Loading under the Second Metatarsophalangeal Joint
      Commentary by Firas Katmeh, DPM, MSH
    • Scarfette Osteotomy for Surgical Treatment of Bunionette Deformity
      Commentary by Lindsay Wynn, DPM
    • Retrospective Comparative Study of Operative Repair of Hammertoe Deformity
      Commentary by Firas Katmeh, DPM, MSH
    • Forefoot Adduction is a Risk Factor for Jones Fracture
      Commentary by Alexsandra Szajna, DPM
  • AUDIO LECTURE 1: Hallux Varus: The X, Y and Z
    John S. Anderson, DPM, FACFAS
  • AUDIO LECTURE 2: Weil Metatarsal Osteotomy: History, Concepts and Evolution?
    Jarret D. Cain, DPM, MSc